Sedona Is the Place To Be
Sedona Is the Place To Be

Sedona Is the Place To Be

Today I want to share with you four big reasons why I love Sedona.

Today I want to talk about Sedona, why so many people are moving here, and why there’s such pent-up demand. Here are some reasons why people love Sedona:

1. Population. There are only two ZIP codes in Sedona, and the population hovers around 16,000. It feels like a small town, and people are very courteous. Most of the people that live here full time want to be here. When you want to live somewhere, you’re happier. For example, if you’re at the store or you’re walking to your favorite trail, people in Sedona are happy, waving, and smiling.

2. Sunshine. We get over 300 days of sunshine every year. The temperature is moderate and not humid, so you’re not going to have bugs crawling all over in the summer. We get a few mosquitoes after a really heavy rain, but the weather is great overall.

“People in Sedona are happy, waving, and smiling.”

3. Trails. If you’re a hiker or a biker, there are over 320 trails to get out on, and we have one of the biggest mountain biking festivals every year.

4. Dining & Activities. We have so many great little restaurants, and if you take a short drive, you can get to multiple different wineries. We’re one hour away from Flagstaff, four and a half hours from Las Vegas, and two and a half hours from Scottsdale. You can easily reach big brands stores, or you can just enjoy the small-town feel of Sedona.

I love Sedona, and I’m always happy to share more information. If you’re interested in living in Sedona, give us a call and check out our website I look forward to hearing from you.