If You Have Any of These 9 Old Fishing Lures In A Tackle Box, You Just Hit Southwest Fishing Payday
If You Have Any of These 9 Old Fishing Lures In A Tackle Box, You Just Hit Southwest Fishing Payday

If You Have Any of These 9 Old Fishing Lures In A Tackle Box, You Just Hit Southwest Fishing Payday

If you are a fisherperson, then the chances are that you have a box that is full of old fishing lure saying around in your garage and you might have probably thought about getting rid of them. Fortunately for you though, if you find one of these nine fishing lures in the garage then you can sell them as an antique collection for a generous amount of money.

1. Shakespeare New Albany Bait:

 While this looks just like any other traditional fish lure, it is not just an ordinary bait but in fact, a Shakespeare. If you have something that looks like this, ensure that it is actually the New Albany bait and then let an auctioneer know – just for your information, the last one was sold at about $10,000! 

2. Moonlight 1913 Special:

Dating back to as old as the 1913s, this fishing lure has a half-white, half-red design, 2 treble hooks, and a propeller on the front. Both sizes of this fishing lure – baby and regular are worth $10,000 each. 


3. Comstock Flying Hellgrammite:

Made by Harry Comstock in 1883 in the city of New York, this three-inch sinking lure is famous since Compton won the sue case over E.F. Pflueger who made the Flying Hellgrammite that was exactly the same in design as Comstock’s design.

4. Friend-Pardee Kent Minnow:

This fishing lure was made back in the 1900s in Ohio and it has a propeller on both the front and the rear with yellow eyes and treble hooks. The two versions of this fishing lure, the 3-Hook, and the 5-Hook, are both worth approximately $10,000 today. 

5. Heddon Bob:

This 2-inch bob is covered with a buck-tail and it has 2 single hooks on the rear – it was made back in 1903 and it is a rare collector’s version of the Heddon’s Underwater Expert.

6. Lane Automatic Weedless:

When underwater, this Lane Automatic Weedless lure is propelled by the water resistance and it has metal fins on the sides that move up and down when the lure moves underwater. It was an innovative design for a lure by Charles E. Lane and was made in 1912 in New York. 

7. Moonlight Dreadnought:

With a half-red and half-white body, 5 treble hooks, and propellers in the front and rear, the design of this lure is a popular one that was introduced by Moonlight Bait in 1918. The name comes from an early 1900s British Royal Navy’s battleship known as the Dreadnought.

8. Krantz& Smith Chautauqua Minnow:

The first thought when you look at this lure is that it came from Egypt while it was actually made in the United States in the early 20thcentury. The last time this lure was auctioned, it was sold for $12,000. 

9. Heddon Night Radiant:

This is the second rarest collector’s Heddonlure that was released by the company as a top-water plug back in the 1912s. It was never actually listed in the catalogs which are one reason why it is worth more than $10,000 now.

If you are in luck and are the owner of any of the fishing lures that we have mentioned above then this would be the right time to call an auctioneer and sell them off for a fortune! 

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