How You Can Use Outdoor Lighting
How You Can Use Outdoor Lighting

How You Can Use Outdoor Lighting

Six ways that you can make the most of your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting can make your home look great. That’s why I want to go over six must-haves for outdoor lighting:

1. Create the perfect evening curb appeal.

2. Illuminate your landscaping. You may have a great feature in your yard that could use that light, like a great saguaro. If you’re in Sedona, you can comply with the dark sky ordinance by pointing your lights downward.

3. Light up the walkways.

4. High tech is where it’s at. Make sure you can control your lighting with an app on your phone or something similar.

5. Highlight any cool or key architectural features in your home.

6. Add extra security lighting. Having some floodlights and motion detection can help you spot and scare any raccoons or other night prowlers.

All of these options will get you a great return on your investment when you sell. If you have any questions about outdoor lighting or real estate in general, feel free to call or email me. I would love to help you.