How Technology has Changed the Home Buying Process in Sedona
How Technology has Changed the Home Buying Process in Sedona

How Technology has Changed the Home Buying Process in Sedona


How Technology has Changed the Home Buying Process in Sedona

Tech has been an integral part of buying and selling homes for a while, now, but since the pandemic, it’s been indispensable. But how, exactly, are buyers and sellers in Sedona using tech to their advantage in the real estate game? 

Using the internet to search for homes for sale may be an obvious development, but there are so many other parts of the process that can be simplified or expedited thanks to technology. Zoom viewings and virtual tours have exploded in popularity, but the pandemic has also given way to some other innovations that have great future potential. 

Smart tech is used to enable buyers to view homes independently, and apps are being integrated in the home buying process in order to offer easy tracking and updates. 

If you’re buying a home in Sedona, it’s easier than ever to complete the process exclusively online

Online listings 

Even before the pandemic, online listings were vital for home shopping. But in 2020, the number of buyers who used online platforms to search for a home grew to a whopping 97%, according to the National Association of Realtors. 

Whereas before, you would have had to rely exclusively on driving around neighborhoods looking for homes for sale and open houses, nowadays that can all be done quickly, easily, and more efficiently online. All you have to do is go to a platform and check out the homes that are on sale. This gives you access to a wide variety of listings at different price points and different features. 

You can go through a huge amount of homes in a short amount of time, and filter them based on the specific characteristics you’re looking for. You can make sure they’re all 3 bedroom homes with a garage, in your preferred neighborhoods, and within your budget, if that’s your ideal home. That saves huge amounts of time for both buyers are realtors.

In addition, you get to see photographs, or even videos of the homes you’re interested in. That saves you a trip for a viewing that might potentially end up being disappointing, should you discover that the interior of the house has some unpleasant surprises that puts it out of the running.

Zoom viewings 

The major advancement that came with the pandemic was the proliferation and normalization of the video home tours or zoom home viewings. Since the pandemic made open house events dangerous, Sedona home sellers needed an alternative way to make their houses available for viewing, and online viewings turned out to be the best way to do it. 

Zoom viewings and home tours are done either by real estate agents or even the owners themselves, and are meant to showcase the home to the potential buyer, much like a traditional, in-person viewing. In fact, this method was so successful, that thousands of buyers purchased homes this way during the pandemic, without ever having seen them in person. A significant portion of buyers will not even consider a home, unless there is a virtual tour available. 

Pros & cons

The advantages are clear: you can view a home remotely, which is a godsend when you’re moving long-distance, or you are unable to travel to see a home, for one reason or another. In addition, it saves time, it’s free, and all you need is an internet connection. Upon having seen the video tour, you may decide you’re not interested in the home after all. If it does fit your needs, then you can always schedule an in-person viewing with the seller or realtor. 

The potential disadvantages are that, as a buyer, you are not able to personally inspect every corner of the property. Certain aspects or details can be forgotten, overlooked, or even intentionally concealed or misrepresented, in an effort to sell the house. Some people may feel uncomfortable making a purchase this big, sight unseen. 

Automated viewings

But perhaps the most interesting technological innovation that was popularized during the pandemic is the option for buyers to schedule and perform property viewings at their own discretion. The way this is made possible is by equipping homes with smart locks that are keypad-based. That way, each home viewer can get a unique code from the realtor or owner, and drop by whenever they want. That limits interaction with others, which has been a safety issue so far, but that can also be a convenience issue. 

Moving forward, this is an option that will potentially gain more and more traction, since it frees up so much of the realtor’s time and eliminates a lot of limitations regarding scheduling. Since buyers are no longer limited to viewings strictly during business hours or during open house events, they have the liberty and flexibility to view the property multiple times with no pressure, to view it at unconventional times, in the evenings when they get off work or very early in the morning, etc. 

In addition, it’s a much more relaxed experience since the buyer has the luxury of seeing everything in person, without the presence of a realtor, if they so prefer. A realtor can be extremely helpful to the process, but it’s understandable that sometimes the buyer prefers a more intimate viewing experience. 

Home buying tracking apps 

Another instance where technology is freeing up a lot of time for realtors, sellers, and buyers alike, real estate purchase tracking apps are helping people stay on top of all the moving parts of a real estate sale. 

Normally, all the different people involved in the sale would need to stay in touch via constant emails, calls, and messages for any kind of questions or regular updates. Especially when there are several people involved, it’s not only time consuming, but it creates confusion and it makes it easy to overlook important details. 

An app solves that issue by being the necessary point of connection between all the parties involved and updating everyone on any new development or part of the process. Disseminating the information is instant, and it can be checked at any time by anyone, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming communication.

Final thoughts 

It’s clear that we’ve entered a new stage of real estate purchasing, where the process is becoming more and more streamlined. It’s easier than ever to buy a home in Sedona; in fact, you can buy a home entirely online, or never having to meet up with anyone face to face. 

Home viewings can be done remotely, online, or privately, and you never have to spend time sending emails back and forth again. Whether they’re using online home listings, virtual home tours or smart locks, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike are fully embracing technology and enjoying the time and effort it saves for all the parties involved. 

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