6 Features Your Luxury Home Should Have
6 Features Your Luxury Home Should Have

6 Features Your Luxury Home Should Have

Here are six must-have features in a home for the luxury buyer.

Today we’re going to talk about what luxury buyers want in this crazy market. There are six things that almost everyone is looking for:

1. State-of-the-art gyms. They’re going to want the Peloton bike, the collection of weights and a space for Pilates or yoga.

2. Luxury collection space. Buyers are going to want spaces to put their various collections whether that be handbags, cigars, or even wines. It’s become a lot more popular during COVID.

3. Glitz room. Beauty salons in the house, hair and makeup stations, and mani/pedi chairs are coming back in style.

4. Game rooms. People want to see those two-lane bowling alleys, the decked-out pool and poker tables, and the full home theatre.

5. Outdoor space. This is pivotal for the luxury buyer. Tennis courts, batting cages, mini-golf courses, and basketball courts are all very popular.

6. Garage space. They need room for their gas car, their electric car, and maybe even their private collection.

If you’re a luxury homeowner and you don’t have some of these, you might want to add them in the future. If you have questions about this list or anything else related to real estate, give me a call. I’m always here to help.