6 Awesome Hiking Spots An Hour Or Less Away From Sedona
6 Awesome Hiking Spots An Hour Or Less Away From Sedona

6 Awesome Hiking Spots An Hour Or Less Away From Sedona

Sedona is one of the wildest places you’ll ever see. It is a visual and archaeological wonderland because of its amazing combination of snowy summits and alpine lakes, and the pillars of the desert Southwest. Without any doubt, this is the place you want to visit if you wish to spend a day with nature, but don’t want to trek to faraway destinations. In this article, we have created a list of amazing hiking trails that are less than an hour away from Sedona. 

1.     Brins Mesa:

Wilson Mountain is the highest structure in Sedona. Beneath this mountain, there is an exquisite trail which leads you to a mesa that is 500 feet from the ground, overlooking Soldiers Pass and Mormon Canyon and that is the BrinsMesa. There is a gradual descent from the highest point of the hike, which is 5099 feet. From this point, you will get long views from all sides, which is as pleasant as it gets. 

2.     West Fork:

West Fork is the most famous and historic trail in Sedona and it captures towering cliffs, unimaginable beauty, and perennial waters that you cross over thirteen times during the journey. For those interested, it also carried the history of the Old West, particularly the ruins of the Mayhew Cabin. The towering canyon and semi-shaded trees make the hike of West Fork a perfect one for anyone that wants to beat the heat. 


3.     Fay Canyon:

This is one of the best hiking trails for the family hiking trip since unlike other trails, it does not involve going down and across dry creeks, but instead, starts off good and keeps getting better as you make your way back. The surrounding walls of the trail are made of red rock and the large juniper and oak trees make this a great hiking spot all around the year. 

4.     Doe Mountain Trail:

This is another popular hiking spot location in the Sedona Red Rocks – it starts in the majestic Secret Mountain Wilderness and then quickly goes up to the side of the illustrious Doe Mountain and then finally onto a flat mesa. 

5.     Boynton Canyon Trail:
One of the most stunning hikes that you can have in the Sedona area is the Boynton Canyon Trail that goes through a scenic canyon. The real beauty of hiking in the Boynton Canyon trail is the last third of the journey through where you will see the incredible high forests that have eye-catching large oaks, pines, and junipers. 

6.     Little Horse:

Little Horse is a beautiful and moderate trail across the Sedona Red Rock landscape and it passes through a number of arroyos (dry creeks) and then ascends to the Chicken Point where you can see stunning views of Courthouse, Cathedral Rock, Munds Wilderness, and Gibraltar Rock. 

If you are looking for the perfect hiking spot that is close to your residence in Sedona then we recommend that you check out one of the six spectacular trails that we have listed above.

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